It shouldn’t happen to a vet.

… but as we know, it does. Conversations are tricky as they take place in Fralagasy (French-Malagasy hybrid of my own butchering) but thankfully I’m assisting a lovely Malagasy vet, Rivo, who speaks great French. Above is a photo of the crush-not exactly a UK model, but thankfully made of some industrial strength tropical hardwood (soz rainforest. You save me daily from horns and hooves.). An omby jumped out of this the other day mid-temperature-taking. What a wimp. It’s the same size thermometer as for kittens, and they put up with it just fine!

Most of my patients are omby (zebu) with weapons and tempers, along with the odd goat, an abundance of chickens, and occasional dogs. Below is this morning’s first patient with handlers/bystanders – usually on a 1:4 ratio…

A lady popped in the other day to ask if we had any injections to make her omby less obnoxious as he is pretty handy with his horns and hind legs-I had to disappoint her on that one. All the cattle have impressive headgear here, and are traditionally valued on horn length/stabbing ability and coat colour (solid colours good, white bad) rather than productivity or fertility! 

A lot of folks will try out traditional remedies before coming to the vets too-most wounds are packed with eye-wateringly hot chillies (!!) which does nothing for the omby’s amiability. Rivo tuts and rolls her eyes, “La médecine vétérinaire comme Madagascar!”.

Above is la pharmacie. A lot of these bottles are empty- it’s rainy season so supplies are limited, but it keeps things looking stocked up! 


One thought on “It shouldn’t happen to a vet.

  1. Hi Becki,
    A very interesting insight!
    I think you could sell these blogs to one of the vet papers! Or even just donate!
    Great title!
    I hope you have good customers today – you are doing such an important job!!
    Love you,
    Mum xxx

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