Move over Delia.

Here’s food à la Mandritsara. 

As long as you’re a fan of cooking, aren’t afraid of a rotten egg, and are relatively inventive, meals in Madagascar are straightforward to make. The traditional diet is kilos and kilos of rice, cassava leaves (manioc) and the odd bit of meat. The street food is great-fried bananas feature heavily (marvellous) and fried rice flour doughnuts are really popular. We’re pretty fortunate where we are to be able to get loads of fresh fruit and veg, though it is entirely seasonal-avocados, cucumbers and botsebotse (what would happen if pumpkins and marrows had babies) are in, gone are bananas, sweet potatoes and lychees. Sob.

There’s nothing pre-packaged or processed in any way (well, bar chocolate and jam THANKFULLY) if you want it-you make it. And most things are do-able with a bit of effort. 

Peanuts are easy to come by, roast them in the oven and skin them in a basket thing…  

Et voilà! Nae probs. Peanuts, peanut butter. Boom. Coffee is the same story..  


And the same goes for bread, doughnuts, cakes, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, preserved lemons, pickled onions, harissa, curries, even Calippos(sort of). One of the midwives even managed to make a Christmas pudding!

The main culinary triumph so far has been the acquisition of the relevant skill/inclination to make garlic naan bread-not going to lie, I was pretty overjoyed with myself for that one. Meals are, thankfully, a huge part of life here, so we’re doing a lot of baking/cooking which suits us just fine. 

Delia had better watch her back…



One thought on “Move over Delia.

  1. Wonderful to read your blog Becki. I think with all this cooking going on you should be putting a book together -Dad is very willing to do the illustrations (mouthwatering thought) and I will proof cook every recipe!How about ” Kooking with Key” Quite a ring to it don’t you think?? Sounds like you are being your usual, inventive selves.February tomorrow. 😊 I’ll keep you up to date with the mail.All well here. Can’t believe only a week ago we were having roast beef dinner – still eatingit!Lots and lots of love to you both.Mig Maw hug to!

    Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 12:44:23 +0000


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