Back to Mandritsara.

  After a brief UK hiatus for Tim’s job interview, we’re back at the ranch. We had a MAF flight in a minuscule Cessna this morning which was, again, the bomb. Pilots of even the tiniest planes are also just achingly cool – and all completely embrace the aviator-Top-Gun thing. To be fair, I would too.

 It’s thankfully not so hot, but just as humid, and waaaayyyyyy more muddy! The river has been impassable for a few days before we arrived-apparently that won’t be the last time either. Other highlights include the new goat, Boomelina (to keep Boom, no.1 goat, happy-and also hopefully for some wee goat kids!); a plethora of chameleon species painstakingly inching along any available branch; and that pineapple season is well underway. YES. 

Above is the rather mucky Mandritsara market from the air-each brolly is a stall, so we’re spoilt for choice (well, if you are partial to an aubergine…). Anything but the most plasticky cheap flip-flop will be literally swallowed-when the ground firms up you can see fins of abandoned sandals protruding from the previous sea of mud! I’m going to brave it tomorrow and see if I come back with both shoes. I’ll report back.


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