Lemurs. More lemurs than you could shake a stick at. We’re having a few days in the rainforest before our brief UK stopover, and it is GLORIOUS. Andasibe is the only place in the world to see Indri, the largest lemurs, relatively easily (they can’t survive in captivity) – we have not been disappointed.


Above is mummy indri with her baby on her back having a snack about 2 metres away. My inner Attenborough is weeping with joy. I’ve taken approximately 3.4 zillion photos, I am sure I will bore many of you with them once we’re back/I can upload the photos from the DSLR.

We literally stumbled across a family of diademed sifaka (above) having breakfast too. We saw 10 of the 11 lemur species that live here-it’s low season as it’s rainy season, so they are loving the lack of tourists. The guides were also thrilled that we’re learning Malagasy-a little goes a long way!!

It’s quite weird slotting back in to a tourist role after being here in a relatively intense work capacity, but it’s a welcome rest. Seeing wild lemurs and generally being in the rainforest is pretty dreamy too. Especially when this happens:


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