It’s raining.

Which, for once, is wonderful news. In fact it’s been blowing a hoolie (Scottish, self explanatory) outside for about 3 hours now. It’s Forrest Gump rain, “big ol’ fat rain”, and it’s warm. The rainy season has officially begun. 

This means so many good things. The people here will be able to plant rice this week or next, and thus have something to trade, and feed their animals and families with. It means the mountains have turned green in the space of a week, and chameleons are in literally every tree. It means putting buckets out for clear, clean(ish) rainwater which fill up in 15 seconds, instead of our allotted hour a day of silty brown town supply from the taps.

Sure, it’s like living in a greenhouse, it’s 35-37 degrees Celsius every day, and we have new resident hand size spiders… But the Tsimihety people will not starve this year.

No complaints here.


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