Hello everyone!

We’ve arrived in Antananarivo (finally!) 2 hours clearing customs but made it alive and well. We’re staying at a guest house until tomorrow’s early helicopter to Mandritsara. The French influence  is really obvious-brands like E.Leclerc are everywhere, and loads of shops selling foie gras, Camembert and baguettes-it’s even possible to get confit de canard without too much trouble in Tana! Where we’re heading is much more remote -no cheese, no bacon (sob) – so we’ve stocked up.


That’s the view from the guest house-rice paddies are EVERYWHERE. So far on the wildlife front I’ve catalogued an abundance of brightly coloured, very speedy tiny birds, grasshoppers bigger than anything on I’m a Celeb, and hulking great black and orange moths the size of your face. I’ll make an effort to find out the actual names for them – Bush Tucker Trial Locust is about as fun as taxonomy gets, but definitely not correct!

I’ll try to upload a photo or two with this, but internet connection is a bit variable. I’ll do my best!

Becky x




One thought on “Arrived!

  1. Great photo and pleased to hear you can get some French food! Good idea to stock up!
    Look forwardto the nature pics in due course! Im sure Sir David would love a postcard from his No 1 fan.


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