On our way!

I write this post from the airport hotel in Edinburgh. Bags packed. Visas obtained. Work permits sorted. This time tomorrow we’ll be airborne, almost in Antananarivo. Then from there, a helicopter ride to the final destination!

We’re a couple of months late leaving the UK, but finally we’re on our way to Hopitaly Vaovao Mahafaly, in Mandritsara, a remote town in the north of Madagascar. Tim’s going to be working in the hospital, and I’ll be doing some work with the local vet. Neither of us speak a shred of Malagasy, but our Franglais and general enthusiastic gesticulation skillz are top drawer!

We’ll be blogging on here, I’ll try and work Periscope to broadcast our chat from Mandritsara (you can find us via Becky’s account @beekeyper21) as they’ve just got 3G in the town which is pretty amazing. Hopefully we’ll be part of some pretty incredible work going on via Friends of Mandritsara Trust and MAF, and be able to help out in one of the poorest countries in the world. I’ll update once we’ve arrived!

Becky and Tim x


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